About Me

Olivia Willis

Olivia is a fat loss coach which will support you with integrity and diligence. Beginning her education studying travel and tourism in college, she had an underlying passion for exercising, leading a healthy lifestyle and helping others.

For Olivia, it wasn’t always plain sailing. Olivia had struggled with her weight from a young age, engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as bingeing and ‘yo-yo dieting’ in the hope for a ‘quick-fix’.  Fortunately for her this was short lived, becoming aware of the negatives affects this approach would have on her mind and body. She progressed to widen her knowledge and was determined to discover another healthier and sustainable way.

From her previous experiences she knows the feelings of depression, stress and feeling like a failure. But she knows it’s possible and she wants to enable women to have the same success story she has had. She is able to eat the foods she loves and not spend hours working out, while living in a healthy and happy body. For this reason she finds she can relate well to other womens’ frustrations and struggles with fat loss and muscle building. Now it is her mission to help other women live healthy, realistic lifestyles and achieve their own personal body goals.

“I want women feel good about themselves, feel empowered, be confident both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives” Olivia x